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Bowl Anatomy handout

July 10, 2008

Wayne Rexford and Gary Smith taught a great class on designing bowls. Attached are the notes. Bowl Anatomy

June 2008 Newsletter

July 9, 2008






June 10th, 2008 7:00 pm.. 338-1190

Thanks to Kevin Martin for his demo of the kaleidoscope. It was exciting and he got the project made. He did leave out some things like the mirror making. That’s a demo of its own.

We have a web site. Dan Stratton has volunteered to be the manager of the site. The site is Be sure to check it out. Dan’s e-dress is

We elected Officers: President; Brian Malnar, VP/Program Coordinator; Crusty Harmon, Treasurer; Ron Hasse, Web Administrator; Dan Stratton, and News Letter; Wayne Rexford.

This month’s program will feature Wayne Rexford and Gary Smith. The area of interest will be bowl anatomy. Each of us comes at things from a different direction yet the end results are beautiful. Bring your pencil and some paper to take notes.

This month’s challenge is a yo-yo. This is more than an up/down and around the world project. Can be fun and beautiful. Don’t be a sleeper, go walk the dog!

Crusty Harmon is our program coordinator. Let him know if you want to demo or if you have a demo you want to see. We need ideas. Help us out!! October is kinda open!!

Keep the bowl exchange going. I lost my paper as to who won.

If you are getting this publication and deem it unusable to you and want it stopped, call me at 365-3476 or E me at and I will remove you from my list.

Gary Smith has suggested that we get Dick Sing for our next program turner. Dick does a lot of things. He is good. Some of my design elements are his influence.

Keep bringing your show and tell items. Makes us all better turners.

Ron Lee has offered the club a table in his “Art in the Field” event May 31stth and June 1st. This table will be free to club members. All other booths will be 10’ X 10’ and cost $40.00. This event will be highly advertised and should have lots of buyer traffic. A map will be on the web site or call Ron Lee @ 573-0217. Ron needs to know who is coming! Please call and let him know. So far only a couple of guys have expressed interest.