First Tuesday Turning Techniques

May 5, 2009


The first tuesday turning techniques meeting place has changed.  These meetings will be at Brian Malnar’s house from now on and the starting time will be 6:00 PM.  If there are any questions call Brian


April 15, 2009


From our meeting last night I have updated it with the information for the Big leaf burls.

I will get a list of tools, books and videos from Bob and post them as well.

I also will have a list of tools that will be for sale soon that will be listed here as well.




March 6, 2009


I finally got around to updating the website and trying to clean up some of the categories.   Posted you will find the 2009 demonstration schedule,  We are still looking for potential topics and demonstrators for October and November.  I have also posted the Monthly Challenge for 2009.


I have added an events page.  This is where we will store the upcoming events and their dates,  once they have past the items will most likely be deleted.

There is a dedicated e-mail on here in order to contact me if needed.


Agenda for next year

December 1, 2008


This is a reminder for everyone to please bring in the suggestion sheets we passed out at the last meeting.  We want to hear from you. These will be helpful is coming up with our agenda for next year.  Thanks in advance.

December Newsletter

December 1, 2008






December 9th, 2008 6:30 PM Christmas Party 338-1190

Thanks to Wayne Rexford for his demo on the offset pendant.

We have a web site. Brian Malnar is the web master.

We elected Officers: President; Brian Malnar, VP/Program Coordinator; Crusty Harmon, Treasurer; Ron Hasse, News Letter and Librarian Tom Pratt.

This month’s program is the annual Christmas Party with the Woodworkers. Meat, gravy, mashed potatoes, dressing and table service will be furnished by the clubs. Brian and Tami are the culinary artisans. Yum Yum!!! This event will be at the Southminister Presbyterian Church, 6500 W. Overland. Starts at 6:30 PM. Please park in the rear and meet downstairs. A-M brings deserts and N-Z brings side dishes. This is for your most important person too (like your spouse). Gift Exchange. Good items you have made. NO White Elephants!!!

FIRST TUESDAY: The past year in review!!

Keep the bowl exchange going. Tom Pratt was the winner. Go Tom

If you are getting this publication and deem it unusable to you and want it stopped, call me at 365-3476 or E me at and I will remove you from my list.

Thanks to all who helped with the FREEDOM PENS. With the Twin Falls club, we did 1300 pens. Nice going you guys. This is totally awesome indeed!!

Club challenge: Make a gift and come to the party

Thanks for letting me be the Newsletter guy for the past 3 years. Tom Pratt will do a great job for us. I am sending him all my stuff as part of the smooth transition team.

Christmas Party

November 21, 2008


Reminder for the Christmas party

Where:  Southminster Presbyterian Church 6500 Overland road,  Boise Idaho.   Please park in the rear and the party will be downstairs.

When:  Tuesday December 9th at 6:30 pm

What to bring:  A-M  Please bring deserts    N-Z Please bring side dishes

Malnars are bringing Mashed potatoes Gravy and Dressing

the Clubs are providing the Meat, drink, table ware and utensils

Gift exchange:  If you choose to participate we are having a gift exchange again,  This is loads of fun as gifts get exchanged all around the room.

I will update this as needed.

Important dates to remember

October 17, 2008


From our meeting we had a lot of dates that were put out. So I am going to list them here for everyone

October 23rd, October 30th, November 6th these are scheduled work nights for getting the pen blanks ready for the Turn For the Troops activity. The times are from 7:00PM to 9:00 PM on these Thursday nights and it is at Woodcraft in the overland shopping center.

November 8th and 9th are the days set aside for the turning of the Pens. This will be at Woodcraft as well. Times to be announced soon keep checking back.  Start time is 8:00am Saturday the 8th more details below.

We will more than likely need mini lathes again to help with the turning of the Pens. I will touch base with Steve and Monte on this and post it here for everyone.  UPDATE  We are looking to get at least 20 lathes for the turn for the troops.  If you can bring in a mini lathe for this let Steve know.  You can bring it with you on the 8th or if you will not be available right away on the 8th it can be brought in on the afternoon of the 7th.  We are going to start the turning at 8:00 am.

December 9th is our scheduled Christmas party. It will start at 6:30pm the clubs will provide the meats, drinks and have a table setting for you. We will have the gift exchange as we always do.

This is it for now. Mark your calendars please and more will be out in the news letter.

Newsletter for October

September 30, 2008






October 14th, 2008 7:00 pm.. 338-1190

Thanks to Brian & Tami Malnar for hosting the club picnic at their home Sat. September 13th. There was good food, turn out, and some log-to-lathe going on. Thanks to all of you that brought goodies to eat.

We have a web site. Dan Stratton has volunteered to be the manager of the site. The site is Be sure to check it out. Dan’s e-dress is

We elected Officers: President; Brian Malnar, VP/Program Coordinator; Crusty Harmon, Treasurer; Ron Hasse, Web Administrator; Dan Stratton, and News Letter; Wayne Rexford. WE NEED A SLATE OF NEW OFFICERS. BE TALKING AMOUNGST YOURSELVES AND LETS FIND SOME. November we will elect.

Some of the past presidents have been Steve Young, Gary Smith, Wayne Rexford. New officers bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

This month’s program is Gary Smith. It is so special that to tell us what it is, he would have to kill us. No matter—Gary does a great job so don’t miss this one either!!

FIRST TUESDAY: Bring a project that you are having issues with. In other words let somebody with fresh eyes look at it before you put it in the stove.

Keep the bowl exchange going.

If you are getting this publication and deem it unusable to you and want it stopped, call me at 365-3476 or E me at and I will remove you from my list.

Keep bringing your show and tell items. Makes us all better turners.

Looking down the road, mark you calendar for turning FREEDOM PENS Nov. 11th. There will be work nights so stay tuned.

Club challenge: a writing instrument!!

Cedar wood for sale

September 24, 2008


Here are some pictures of the wood for sale and the contact


   I hope these pics give you an idea of what I’ve got. There is
some checking already although I don’t know how bad it is. The length
varies from approx. 18″ to 36″. I hope it can be used for something
other than firewood.
   Steve Kelso  484-6535
Give him a call to purchase the wood.

New items today

September 21, 2008


WOW our website had a record of 160 hits in one day on the 17th of September. Keep it up this is your local place for information on and about the club. One Stop Shop.

I have added a new page called stuff for sale, there are some tools listed there for sale and now there are also some turning tools for sale. Take a look could be something you may need. All of the information i get on Items for sale I will put into this page from now on.

I also have some information on some Cedar wood for sale that I will be posting tomorrow with more information and hopefully some pictures. These look like pretty good sized pieces of cedar and could be interesting natural edge material more later.

I will have more information on the locust bowl/platter that was turned at the picnic. Initial signs of the piece after setting a few days it was wet. More information on this at the meeting.

Thanks to everyone who came to the picnic, I think fun was had by all and laughs galore at my expense as I challenged the mighty locust wood LOL. ( lots of sweating and sharpening). We had a good turn out and good food. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful side dishes and deserts mmmmmmmmmmmm they were all delicious.

For those of you that missed I had a CA Glue sale that day and that day only so next year be ready for some deals to come your way. I am wiped out and placing a new order. I should be replenished in a week or so.

We are in the works of finding a place for the Christmas party, our normal place that we have it is no longer available. Myself and John Pickrell are looking for a place. If you have any suggestions on an available place that is relatively inexpensive let me know.

Dont forget the monthly challenge coming up for October (writing instrument lets see what we can come up with) and we will need the bowl for the perpetual bowl drawing.

Reminder that Turn for the troops is coming up so we will be getting the pen blanks ready during the month of October. Dates and times to follow. We are going for a new record this year so come on down and join in the fun.

Your President