Beginners Corner

Schedule for 2008

July – Roughing out gouge

August – Beads and Coves, How do you do beads and coves, Come in and see how these are done with the everyday tools we use.

September – Sharpening Learn the in’s and outs to sharpening your wood turning tools.

October – Any issues with a particular project? Bring it in. Maybe we can be of some assistance if your stuck.

November – Holiday gift ideas? searching for the perfect gift to make for the holidays, Come on in for discussions on what to make.

December – Chucking methods – Overviews of various chucking methods and how they are done. Review the year to see what topics for the agenda for next year.

One Response to “Beginners Corner”

  1. swiwt Says:

    Tonight was the second session of the beginners corner, It was a great sessions and attendance doubled, Great. Tonight was the discussion on Bead and Coves and all had a chance at giving these a try.

    The agenda for the rest of the year is posted and the topics look like fun ones so come in and join if you have time.

    This is a one hour session on the topics of discussion. tonight ran a bit longer but that was OK, There were still other classes ongoing.

    It is intended to be informal and informative, I hope all who attended went away with something and enjoyed putting the chisel to the wood, I know I had a good time.

    Next month is sharpening so bring in some dull chisels and lets see if we can show you how to get them sharp.


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