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March 2009 AAW Board Letter Twenty years ago this spring I saw a notice in a wood magazine that a bunch of woodturners were getting together up in Seattle. I’d been turning for 11 years but had never met another woodturner and decided to go. It was the AAW symposium. I attended classes for three days and repeatedly walked through the instant gallery. I learned there was something beyond flat bottomed bowls out of dry wood scraped round with spindle tools. The symposiums are a great source of ideas and will change your life. This year we are meeting in Albuquerque. We have demonstrations by great turners from all across the United States, along with turners from Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, England, and South Africa. The instant gallery will be the finest collection of turned art in the world this year. Last year at Richmond I counted at least 10 different lathes on the floor of the trade show. If you are looking to buy a lathe, the symposium is where you can put your hands on all the latest models. And if you have a life outside woodturning, the Albuquerque area is a great place to visit. This is your chance to register for a great symposium:

Also, we can always use volunteers to help out during the symposium. Volunteer to be a room assistant or help out in the instant gallery. You can help and still see everything. Just send you name to and offer to volunteer.

There are several contests related to the symposium. The AAW has contests for the best chapter newsletter and the best chapter website. The winners will be announced at the banquet on Saturday night in Albuquerque. For rules on the contests go to:

The chapter collaborative challenge is up and going again this year. It is a great way for the members of your chapter to get together and come up with a great piece. It makes for a good excuse to spend more time turning with other members in your chapter. The collaborative rules are listed at:

For all the Chapter Presidents and interested members, there will be a Chapters meeting at Albuquerque on Thursday, June 25th at 2:00pm (room to be announced). One of the items to be discussed will be the proposed Local Chapter Presidents Council. Do we want to set up a committee of chapter Presidents to provide ideas to AAW?

Chapter Best Practices is a great source of shared knowledge from local chapters on ideas that works. If you go to the Best Practices site: you will find articles on many topics. The articles that are in light gray still need an article written on that topic. Look over the page and consider writing an article for Best Practices on such topics as community projects, mentioning programs or special interest groups. One of the main goals of AAW is sharing your knowledge of woodturning.

One of my jobs on the AAW board is Chapters and Membership relations. I just finished reading the bylaws for AAW’s newest chapter, The Bluegrass Area Woodturners in Lexington Kentucky. Welcome to the Bluegrass Woodturners to AAW. I have been talking with members from central Oregon on setting up a chapter there. It just takes a handful of dedicated turners to start a chapter. Once word gets around, your membership will grow. You can bring in demonstrators on many topics. The chapters here in the northwest just had Malcolm Tibbetts come and teach segmented turning. This is one of the great benefits of being an AAW chapter.

See you in Albuquerque in June.

Dale Larson
AAW Board

Dear Brian Malnar and the Southwest Idaho Woodturners Association,

Subject: Local Chapter information

This month messages from AAW are on varied topics. It is our hope that combining in one email will be easier than receiving many communications. Please let us know your feedback or if you have topics you would like us to include in the emails. AAW has capacity to email AAW members by state. If your local chapter is having a major event such as a mini-symposium you would like to have sent to AAW members in your state, please send text in a word document to We are implementing this service in support of the local chapters of the AAW.

Bill Hakell
AAW Board President

Subject: Newsletter and Website contest for 2009

AAW has just released the rules for the Best AAW Chapter Newsletter and
Best AAW Website contests for 2009.  The rules for the two contests are
listed at the link below.  The closing date for both contests is March 31,
.  The winners will be announced at the annual banquet at the symposium
in  Albuquerque June 27, 2009.

The board was in Albuquerque two weeks ago planning the symposium.  The site
is very nice with lots of room for demonstrations.  The Instant Gallery and
Trade Show have lots of space.  The local AAW members are working hard to
organize all the volunteers that it takes to make the symposium a success.
Albuquerque would make a great destination trip to the beautiful Southwest
(one way to bribe your wife).  If you would like to volunteer during the
symposium (room assistant, etc) please contact Linda at

Dale Larson
Chairman Membership and Chapters Committee

Subject: Volunteers for AAW symposium Auction

If you are planning on attending the AAW Symposium in Albuquerque June 26, 27, and 28th and would like to have a lot of fun at the EOG Auction at the banquet on Saturday night, please volunteer to be an auction spotter.  We always have a huge crowd and need truly attentive and energetic spotters to make sure that we get all of the bids.  Also if you or someone that you know that will be there has experience as a backup auctioneer, I would love to know about it.(You never know when an auctioneer may fall sick)
If you can help, please send an email with your phone information to me at

John Hill – AAW Auctioneer and Auction committee chair

Subject: Matching Gifts

I believe that this presents a significant funding opportunity to the AAW and all it’s Chapters, which is particularly pertinent under these economic conditions. I’m the Program Chair for the Bay Area Woodturners (BAWA) and we recently had a member gift $100 which was to be matched by his wife’s employer.  To the  BAWA Board’s knowledge this was the first time that any member had attempted this, so we did not know if it was possible.  The employer required proof that BAWA is a registered Section 501(c)(3) non-profit, so I sent them BAWA’s nonprofit corporate number (94-3285718) and a link to IRS Publication 78 at which is a list of organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions.  I simply typed in “Bay Area Woodturners” and the information popped up.  This was sufficient proof for the employer to grant the $100 matching gift, which we received shortly thereafter.
I believe that AAW should explore this opportunity and if legitimate provide relevant information to the Chapter Officers and the general membership.  AAW is registered with the IRS as a non-profit on IRS Publication 78; I simply typed in “American Association of Woodturners” and the information was there.  I typed in “Woodturners” and only 25 AAW chapters were listed, but perhaps this would prompt them to become registered Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance.

J. Dean Adkins
BAWA VP Program Chair

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