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Hello Brian,

Please forward this message to your chapter members.
I am here at Landmark Center today preparing for a busy week as the Republican National Convention is virtually next door to our building. We are hoping that many of the 45,000 people in St. Paul this week will come by to visit. If it is any indication by the people who have stopped by so far today, I think it will be a very productive week. They are impressed with the gift shop and the exhibit currently on display, “Turned for Use II” which has traveled here from the symposium in Richmond.

Renewal notices have been mailed along with a ballot to vote for the AAW board of directors. The deadline to vote is October 21st online or by postmark date. Please renew your membership online (which is most efficient for us) and review the information on your listing to make sure everything is correct. Please send in your renewal by December 31st in order to be included in the 2009 directory. The date for printing next year’s directory is being moved up as well as sending your membership card (it will be included with the directory in order to save some postage costs). Renewing early also saves AAW money in sending out fewer reminder notices to our members.

We need some help in growing the AAW membership. If you know anyone who is a turner and not a current member, please encourage them to join. If you are in a chapter that is not 100% AAW membership, encourage at least one individual who is not an AAW member to join the national organization. For reasons to join AAW see Tom Wirsing’s August message to the members for all the benefits AAW has to offer our members.

We have been very pleased with the growth of attendance and sales in the AAW Gallery of Wood Art. When we moved to our current site in downtown St. Paul we knew it would take a few years to get the word out that we were a new organization in downtown St. Paul with a gallery of woodturnings. We are encouraged with the growth and looking forward to increased numbers in the future.

I want to encourage members to read about the 2009 AAW exhibit planned for the Albuquerque symposium, “Spirit of the Southwest.” All of the information is in the Fall issue of the AAW Journal on page 17 and on the website. The exhibit will open at the symposium and then travel to St. Paul for our Fall show. Get your creative juices flowing and see what you can turn out! We are also looking for other venues for the exhibit. If any of you know of another venue, please let me know. We are looking forward to good attendance in Albuquerque. New Mexico is rich in pottery because of the Pueblo Indians. It is a great way for woodturners to look at form. The mountains are beautiful and their cuisine has an amazing variety – it is a blend of several cultures. If you are able to take a little extra time, Santa Fe and Taos would be well worth visiting. New Mexico is one of my favorite parts of the country to visit.

Just a reminder following John Hill’s email about the hurricane to remind chapter presidents or contacts to let me know if any of your members suffer a catastrophic uninsured loss during the storm. My contact information is listed below.

Thank you all for your support over the years. If you have any suggestions or comments to improve your organization, please give me a call or send me an email.

Turn great pieces in your shop and work safe.
Mary Lacer
Assistant Director
651 484 9094

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