Presidents Message

Hello everyone

Well this will be my final president’s message and new leadership for the club will be starting in January.  December is a time for most of us to be making shavings and trying to get those last minute christmas presents finished. Some of us will even be trying to get the finish to dry on christmas eve. I am one of the last minute procrastinators when it comes to this.  My biggest dilema is what do I make  Hmmmmmm,  still undecided and I need to get started.  Should it be pens, bowls, scoops, candle sticks, no no …………..maybe????? oh there are so many choices on things to make.  I can see my future on this dilema,   no matter what I decide, it will be to work all night and turn all day in order to get things done. I hope that you are not on this same trail that I am and that all of your projects are successes.

 I would like to thank each and everyone of you  for your support and commitment of  the great organization that we have, it made my job as president easy. I had a great time over the past 3 years doing this and I got to meet many fine people and  turners that are now friends.

I would like you to welcome our new group of board members and ask that you make them welcome in their new positions within the club. Lets give them our full support . They are

Tom Pratt,  President

Crusty Hamon,  VP/program director

John Pickrell,  Treasure

Lynn Tozer and Susan McCoy,  Newsletter/Librarian


Thank you


If you don’t turn your world is square.

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