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September meeting

August 28, 2008

Greetings all

Reminder for our September meeting, Sept 13th ( notice the date change this is a Saturday one time only) It is our annual picnic and it is going to be held at Brian Malnar’s house. The plan is for green wood turning, stock preperation mounting it on the lathe and turning it. What to do with it once turned and some drying methods The meeting is going to start at 1:00 pm planning to eat first. The club will provide the meat and drinks and chips. A-L are asked to bring a desert and M-Z are asked to be a side dish.

So directions on how to get to my house I live off of of Fairview rd near Maplegrove in Boise. See attached the address is 9531 W Halstead map.

Everyone come and have some fun. We are going to try to have more hands on with the green wood turning for everyone if they would like to try it out.

If you have any questions you can email me at



Free walnut and bullet pens

August 5, 2008


FREE WALNUT TREE TO TAKE DOWN. Call Joe Apodaca @ 343-0580. Tree is green. There is no house close to fall it on (dang I hate that when that happens) and no Idaho Electricity wires (makes your eye balls spin in opposite directions when that happens) to worry about. This tree is in Boise. Call Joe for directions and particulars.

In the latest issue of Woodturning Design, there is an article about making a slim line pen from a .30-06 and a .308 empty rifle casings. Part of the article in not as clear as I would have made it I had written it. I E-mailed the fellow and expressed my concern. He talks about “new” brass. New to him means un- primered, un-powdered and no projectile. New could mean to me a freshly loaded round from that box you just purchased at Cabela’s. If you do that you turn your Jet Mini into a short-barreled cannon and I want to be on record of pointing this difficulty with the text of the article. Obvious you wouldn’t use a loaded round? Maybe so, maybe not!!!!!

Wayne Rexford