April 2008 Newsletter






April 8th, 2008 7:00 pm.. 338-1190

Thank you Steve Young for your fine demo on self-winding tops. That is a neat toy for the children to play with and can be a thing of beauty.

We have a web site. Dan Stratton has volunteered to be the manager of the site. The site is http://swiwt.org. Be sure to check it out. Dan’s e-dress is dan@dwstratton.com

We elected Officers: President; Brian Malnar, VP/Program Coordinator; Crusty Harmon, Treasurer; Ron Hasse, Web Administrator; Dan Stratton, and News Letter; Wayne Rexford.

This month’s demo will feature Wayne Rexford and open segmentation.

This month’s challenge is a candleholder. There are a zillion design opportunities with this one. Think about it and do one or two.

Crusty Harmon is our program coordinator. Let him know if you want to demo or if you have a demo you want to see. We need ideas. Help us out!!

Brian Malnar was the winner on the monthly challenge with his egg and fry pan.

If you are getting this publication and deem it unusable to you and want it stopped, call me at 365-3476 or E me at wrexford@bigskytel.com and I will remove you from my list.

Trent Bosch was here and gave some demo’s and classes. He is an excellent turner and instructor. Those of you that took one of his classes are far better off than you were. Thanks to Woodcraft Store and Monty for help in getting him here.

Special session!! Before the regular club meeting, there will be small group instruction on some aspect of turning. All of you are welcome and you might learn something. The special session starts at 6:00 and runs to 7:00.

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