Artistry in wood poster

January 11, 2010

Here is the link for the artistry in wood poster


December newsletter

December 4, 2009

Hi everyone:

I am going to try to attach the December news letter and if it all works we will start adding them to this Monthly right now it is in the page catagory 2009 news letters and will also have it as a post under newsletter.  I hope this is not too confusing


December 09 Newsletter final final

Presidents Message

November 30, 2009

Hello everyone

Well this will be my final president’s message and new leadership for the club will be starting in January.  December is a time for most of us to be making shavings and trying to get those last minute christmas presents finished. Some of us will even be trying to get the finish to dry on christmas eve. I am one of the last minute procrastinators when it comes to this.  My biggest dilema is what do I make  Hmmmmmm,  still undecided and I need to get started.  Should it be pens, bowls, scoops, candle sticks, no no …………..maybe????? oh there are so many choices on things to make.  I can see my future on this dilema,   no matter what I decide, it will be to work all night and turn all day in order to get things done. I hope that you are not on this same trail that I am and that all of your projects are successes.

 I would like to thank each and everyone of you  for your support and commitment of  the great organization that we have, it made my job as president easy. I had a great time over the past 3 years doing this and I got to meet many fine people and  turners that are now friends.

I would like you to welcome our new group of board members and ask that you make them welcome in their new positions within the club. Lets give them our full support . They are

Tom Pratt,  President

Crusty Hamon,  VP/program director

John Pickrell,  Treasure

Lynn Tozer and Susan McCoy,  Newsletter/Librarian


Thank you


If you don’t turn your world is square.

Turner’s and Woodworkers Christmas party

November 30, 2009

Hello everyone

It is that time of year again,  time for our annual Christmas party.  The party will held at the Southminster Presbyterian Church at 6500 overland road in Boise.  The start time is 6:30 pm.  Parking is around back and we will be downstairs in the fellowship hall.

Reminder for everyone:

Those with the last name starting A-M please bring a desert

Those with the last name starting N-Z please bring a side dish

The meat, drinks, flatware,and dishes will be provided by the clubs,   we will also be having out gift exchange as well. which in itself can be quite entertaining. if you have any questions do not hesitate to call or e-mail me.


Turn for the troops shirts

November 30, 2009


Just an updated message on the turn for the troops t-shirts,  the price of the shirts is a little more than first expected.    They will be in the $12.00 to $13.00 dollar range instead of the $10.00.  so with this in mind would everyone that signed up for one contact me with a yea or nea on whether or not you still want the shift so they can be ordered.  use the e-mail tag on the website to let me know.



First Tuesday

October 5, 2009

Hi everyone,  just a note to let you know that first Tuesday is cancelled for October,  Sorry for the late notice.


Western big leaf burl

September 6, 2009

Hi everyone

Just a note to let you know,  Roy Phillips will be at the picnic this year and he is bringing out some of his western big leaf burl for us to purchase.    As always Roy has a good selection of burls for us to choose from, so come on over and find that special piece that you are itching to turn.


Picnic information

August 23, 2009

.   Summer is winding down and the gardens are being harvested,   so planning  is started for our summer picnic. We will be having a picnic and it will be September 12th starting at 2:00 pm.  The club will supply the meat,chips  and drinks and dinner ware.  A-M please bring a side dish or salad  and N-Z please bring a desert.

The picnic will be at my house and the address is 9531 W. Halstead Dr. Boise Idaho 83704.  On a demo there is one not on the schedule yet but thinking it will be informal as on the first Tuesday’s we do.

As I let you all know at the last meeting Officer elections for the club will be in October and this will give the incoming officers time to work with the out going officers to take the reins and run with them.

The first Tuesday  is back on track.  The summer heat is fading slowly.

August updates

August 3, 2009

Hello everyone

Got the ol computer up and running a little faster on the net again,

I have updated the news for the Artistry in wood. The club is still looking for 2 people to be on the committe for this

First Tuesday is back on track.  It may be hot in the shop as I do not have AC yet.

The Jimmy Clewes weekend of demo and hands on was a great success.

That is all for now.

Updates for July

June 26, 2009

Everyone just a quick note for updates.

My computer is running way slow so I will do the rest of the updates later.

For First Tuesday in July we will not have one in July.  the First Tuesday will resume in August.

Reminder we are still looking for a chairman to take over for the Artistry in Wood for the turners group.

I will get to the other updates over the weekend thank you for your patience.